Can I Get A Clear TV Picture And Channels Without Having Cable?

Spectrum TV


Whether you can get a clear picture on TV without having cable or not, depends on your location – where you live and which cable TV provider is serviceable there or not. Cable service providers such as Xfinity TV or Spectrum TV are serviceable in more than 40 states but there are places where none of the cable providers would be available. Also, the fact that it depends on how far you are from the TV stations. If you don’t have a cable connection available near you, you will need an antenna – again the type of antenna depends on your distance from the TV station as well. Let’s say if you are near the TV station a simple indoor antenna will work. However, if you are far from the TV station, a complex antenna would be required.

Other available alternatives are satellite TV or streaming services like Netflix. Mostly, every smart box provides HD picture quality – be it smart boxes like Roku, Amazon, Apple TV, Stream Free, or others. Luckily and thankfully, newly emerging internet SET TV has made HD videos possible even for LIVE TV and IPTV. SET TV – has 500 HD channels to offer. Although it has some bugs – which they are trying to fix, as they are new. Still, it looks promising in terms of services. Kodi TV (formerly known as XBMC) is also a good available option to choose from. But it doesn’t offer all the content in HD quality.


For digital broadcasting, you will have to attach an antenna to your TV. It will enable you to get HD picture quality. With digital broadcasting, one does not have to keep rotating the antenna to catch a better picture quality. It’s like either you get to see the good picture quality or not – there’s no in between.


About a few months ago our cable was off – I caught around 60 channels on my TV. Here in Los Angeles, by simply securing a wire hanger through some clips. You are supposed to get at least all the national channels such as ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS. Also their sub channels like ABC-HD, ABC-D1, ABC-D2, and ABC-D3.


American companies have smartly coaxed people to watch TV, they will have to subscribe – and this is the only way. America has ATSC-T coverage almost everywhere. Hence, a plain UHF antenna or in some areas VHF antenna will enable you to get to watch a huge variety of international and national TV channels. If the transmitter is near your location, all you need a complex set-top antenna. However, a rooftop antenna would be better to get better quality. The one more bonus point is if your TV is a few years older it must have an ATSC-T system in it – which means you don’t have to buy any box. You will need a box only if you want a digital TV recorder.


At present, we have two major satellite TV service providers that offer their services based on subscription and are available to the United States customers: Dish Network and, DirecTV which have 10 and 21 million subscribers in that order. The leading alterations between cable TV services and satellite TV services are primarily their installation procedure, equipment, and prices. Through both these choices, the customers can get access to live TV and local channels if they want to watch news and sports content. You also get the right to use other fantastic services like HD DVR so you can record your favorite shows that you can watch later (or watching on-the-go in a couple of cases).


Therefore, the answer to the question in the title is yes! As discussed above, there are so many other options from where you can watch and access channel content whether it be an antenna, satellite TV, or online streaming services. The quality, however, varies at times from content to content and sometimes from which medium you are watching it – which makes it dependent on other factors involved.


Online streaming mostly has 4k/HD quality while satellite and antenna depend on signals and weather conditions which make the quality of their content variable. Cable TV, on the other hand, is stable in performance and gives you what you signed up for – but for that, you have to buy yourself a cable TV connection. They come in several sizes, packages, and deals, you have to pick and make a plan according to what you and your household might need. Also, of course, the charges that fit your budget without getting overbroad.

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