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3 Factors to Examine When Your Website Ranking is Plummeting Significantly

More than 90 percent of the website traffic comes from the search engines. As a matter of fact, search engines are saturated with your business organization, ranking quite high on the SERPs or search engine results page is important to grasp the attention your business truly deserves. In order to step ahead of the competition, you need to fully optimize your website. But what would you do if the website ranking drops suddenly? A loss in the website traffic can take place because of many factors.

We have listed some of them below. Have a look.

  1. Redesigning your website

Ensure that the website design Subiaco of your firm is fresh and exceptional when ensuring that the potential customers retain on your website. Researchers claim that about 66 percent of people would give the information a read when the website looks attractive. When you are redesigning your website, make sure that your rankings are intact. Analyze the inbound links structure to your redesigned site. Ensure they are working correctly. Map out all the 301 redirects and come up with the strategy of executing them. Record the baseline metrics such as traffic, page URL mapping, and rankings. A site audit should also be conducted before you make any kind of changes or redesign your site. Also consider implementing better SEO techniques to enhance the rankings.

  1. An overloaded server

The server issues will impact the search engine rankings particularly when there is any overload issue or a crash. Certainly, if you are on a shared server, this is most likely to occur when the traffic spikes. Many hosting packages will just shut down your sites if you overdo on the specific bandwidth limit. Hence, a website host like Google Cloud will help in addressing this issue. You will also be not penalized for the traffic increase. The site stays up and working and your business pays a little cost to make sure that there is an automatic increase in the bandwidth.

  1. The broken redirects

If your site has been on the internet for a while, you might have to make some alterations. Conducting tasks like migrating to a different server or executing redirects alters how your website is perceived by Google. Hence make the most of the 301 redirect. XML sitemaps, canonical tags and links must also be updated. A 301 redirect is perceived as a change of address notice. This allows for the search engine to know that your website or just a web page has been eliminated. When 301 redirects are correctly made use of, you wouldn’t lose a single ranking. But you can get penalized for having duplicate content if you have not applied it appropriately. Search engines will index your new and old websites if 301 redirects are incorrectly implemented.

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