Is it Necessary to get a cable box for every TV spectrum?


Even with the advent of streaming services, cable TV still remains a center of attention and entertainment for most of the households in America. With so many high-quality providers available near you, you cannot help but be fascinated by the wide range of options and exciting features they have in store for you. One thing cable subscribers are concerned about is the fact that whether they have to pay for every cable box to access cable TV on every TV in their house. Well, you will be glad to know that it is not necessary. This is some good news since you can bypass paying for every cable box for each TV in your house. This can save you a good amount of money.

Let’s dive into the tricks that can help you watch cable TV channels on multiple TV screens without paying any additional cost.

Roku is a streaming device that is plugged into the existing TV set so it can be used instead of the cable box. In case you have a Roku powered television, you can download the Spectrum App.

Coming back to the question that whether or not you should buy a cable box for every TV in the house is an important one. It was indeed a major requirement a few years back as you had to use it to decode the signals for accessing channels on your TV.

But nowadays it is no longer a requirement since the streaming devices allow you to manage multiple connections and smart TVs being available everywhere, you do not find it difficult to watch your favorite channels.

Now you do not need to invest money to purchase the cable boxes as the new TV sets have a built-in cable receiver. So you no longer need a cable box for every TV in the house.

Does every TV in the House require a Spectrum Cable Box?

It was not long ago when you could not access the basic cable channels without a cable TV box. Nowadays you can bypass paying for every cable box especially if you have subscribed to any of the Spectrum TV packages.

With the Spectrum TV App, you do not have to bother about the cable boxes. The company realized that these TV boxes were adding extra cost and becoming a nuisance for the users, so it launched the Spectrum TV App.

All you have to do is install the application on your device and not worry at all. It is recommended that you get a Roku media streaming device that gives you easy access to the Spectrum channel line up with more convenience.

Ways to Watch Spectrum channels without a Cable Box?

The Spectrum TV app is one of the best ways to watch all your favorite channels without any hassles. You just require:

  • A smooth Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Spectrum TV App


Bypassing the Spectrum Cable Box

To bypass the Spectrum cable box, you should avoid renting it. You can also get these four essentials to access the channels on every TV Spectrum. These include:

  • A good quality router
  • A decent internet speed
  • Roku device
  • Cable TV package subscription

Now, all that is needed is to click the Search Menu on your TV. Now enter Spectrum TV. Next click on the Add Channel option. Choose the Go To Channel and select the channels that you want to watch.

Using Roku Instead of Spectrum Cable Box

You can definitely use a Roku device instead of the Spectrum cable box. There is no difference in the viewing experience and it gets even easier if you have a smart TV. You can download the application on it.

Final Thoughts

Summing up, if you want to save money, you can avoid getting a Spectrum cable box for every TV. You can follow the aforementioned tips to bypass renting the cable boxes in the first place. It is also a good idea to go for a Roku device to do the work for you. The Spectrum TV App also helps you access the channel line up without the need for cluttered cable boxes. So make sure you use the above-mentioned tricks to save some good money!

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