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Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming in 3 Ways

Windows 10 is amazing for the gamers, it supports retro titles, mixes the native games as well as the Xbox One streaming as well. But it isn’t perfect as it seems to be. There are some tweaks needed to make the most of the experience Windows 10 has to offer. If you are a diehard gamer and wanting to Windows 10 Home key, explore our website now! Now, let’s get back to the article, follow these tips to optimize your Windows 10 for gaming purposes.

  1. Use the gaming mode

Seeking another option for making the most of the gaming performance for Windows 10? You’d be happy to know that this OS comes with a gaming mode as well as some inbuilt optimizations for Windows 10 gamers. Curious for more, press Windows Key +I, type game mode, then tap on Control Game Mode for PC optimization for games. On the Gaming scree, choose Game Mode. Switch it on to get the Game Mode started. If your PC supports Game Mode, then the Windows Update will be suspended and the resources tend to attain the optimum frame rate. And apparently, Game Mode is not perfect and various optimizations are also available on Windows 10 for gaming purposes.

  1. Disable the automatic update and restart your system

Windows 10 has a tendency to get automatically updated and schedule a restart without your permission. Although, this feature isn’t activated quite often, but you don’t want to be unaware about this and risk saving your game. Apart from being restarted without your permission, it also downloads updates in the background, rendering your network connectivity slow. You can change this in the settings by pressing the Windows key + I, then go to Update and security, then go to Windows Update, then click on Advanced Options, then select the Update Options. Disable Automatically download updates. The best way to do this is by eliminating the chances of Windows Update downloads that interrupt your gaming performance.

  1. Avoid Steam from updating automatically

When you use Windows to play games, you are purchasing and installing games through Steam. It has the tendency to annoy you to the core by updating frequently and automatically. This also eats up the memory of your system and limits your network connectivity as well. To prevent this from happening, ho to the Steam client, go to update options by Steam > Settings> Downloads. Uncheck the Allow downloads gameplay to avoid Steam from updating the content while the game is in play.

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