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The Problem Developers Face With The API Test Automation Tools!

Developers work really hard on their programming skills to develop a suitable program for their website. And it is actually the test tools that helps them evaluate if the program they have developed suits the needs of the purpose. In this regards there have been several vendors providing for new age codeless API test automation tools which are simple to use and highly professional.

But even though the best attempts have been made to keep the automation tools at their performance best, there haven’t been satisfactory experiences. There have been a lot of problems as regards to usage, codes etc. Some of the routine problems faced by developers are shared here!

Non scaling Record and playback automation tools

UI test automation was at a point of time only done with the record and playback automation tools. These were either procured from the commercial vendor or sourced openly. But with the incoming of the codeless API test automation tools, the idea of test was uplifted. Until the developers realized that the tools don’t scale the already tested scripts. Therefore for every test to be conducted there is a need to revise the scripts and come up with a new one. This disturbs the whole process of automation.

Codeless testers a hurdle for automation engineers

Where the codeless API test automation was designed to be easy to use for the developers who weren’t into coding, it proved to be a big trouble for the developers who were actually coders. This restricted automation engineers from developing codes and putting them on the test because this could actually help them escalate the test with their own framework and requirements. The other features are so reliable and useful that indeed finding similar coded tools is a pain.

Building up multiple automation scripts

Codeless automation tools are best for first hand automation test. But when it comes to reframing the test after necessary changes there is a need to re-write the scripts and run the test. For every little unit test or feature change there has to be a revision of the scripts as well which can be pretty frustrating for the developers.

Codeless API test automation tools are definitely a help for the automation testers. Some companies have come up with a flawless design and operational tool. With the help of technology these problems can be avoided to get a more reliable test tool that beats the need of the developers without any glitch!

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