Will Bidens Still Hold Up Against New Gun Laws?


What will it take to convince Will Bidens that smart gun technology really can make the US safer by stopping criminals from using guns that are already illegal to own? Will we have to put our lives on hold for another decade until this technology is in place?

There are several ways that this technology can be made available for the public. One would be the development of a type of gun that fires off non-lethal plastic pellets, rather than a bullet. These pellets can be aimed at another human being or at another object. The same object or human body could not only stop the bullet, but could also prevent serious injury or even death.

Will Bidens is a man who has made it clear that he doesn’t want to allow guns to be used by anyone other than the police and licensed gun owners. But this technology does not allow anyone else to use the gun except the intended target. There are no more accidental shootings due to people not knowing they have to release the trigger. This will not only save lives but keep criminals out of the business as well.

Will Bidens is not alone in his concern for the security of all Americans. The National Rifle Association believes that it would be “impractical” to allow private citizens to own the same type of weapons that a licensed gun owner would own. If the NRA could be convinced that this was impractical, then maybe we would get some of these “smart gun” innovations to help reduce the number of crimes in the country.

Will Bidens’ office did not respond to an inquiry about the status of this technology in Congress. A representative for the congressman’s office told the Washington Post that there were “no announcements at this time.” It is interesting that we still have to wait for someone who says they are trying to save the United States to actually produce an effective solution to gun crime. At this point, we know nothing about the “smart gun” and it will be interesting to see if any of these “smart guns” ever make it to market.

Will Bidens may be concerned about how we would be able to monitor the firing of these guns, but the gun industry claims that it is possible to do so. There are guns with video cameras on them that can be activated when the trigger is pulled.

Will Bidens may not be interested in buying a gun that will make him safer and less likely to be involved in a shooting, but he should be interested in the technology that could prevent that from happening. Why does he think that there aren’t more manufacturers developing this technology before it becomes available to the general public? When you consider the fact that a lot of these companies are trying to avoid having to do something because of lawsuits that might arise, it is clear that companies aren’t willing to risk having to change how they make their products to provide consumers with solutions to gun violence.

So far, Will Bidens seems to be saying that he will hold up technology just because of the fact that he has a passion for guns. He is right to be concerned about protecting our children and families. But if we can’t get anything going on this front, we should at least get something going that might prevent gun violence, which is why we should expect some progress in this area before too long.

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